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lance carr

Mountain Range was established in the early 1980s by Lance Carr and is a leading international nursery company located on the south coast. In the early years, the company was more specialised in the production of Kentia Palms and Araucaria Pines (Norfolk Island, Cook, Bunya and Hoop) from seed through to full-grown trees. Mountain Range’s products are sold to nurseries, plant hire companies, landscapers, councils and directly to the public. Seedlings are exported to Europe, Asia, the USA, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East. 

In 2002, Lance moved his blossoming Palm Nursery to the current property and worked alongside the community to develop it into the successful business and charitable organization that it is today. Spread over 5 hectares, the farm is comprised of several business and community organisations that work side by side.

In 2009, a long-term expansion plan was developed, which saw this already profitable and productive farm expand its horizons and introduce new ventures. These included a Railcar Coffee Roastery and Espresso Bar, indigenous bush tucker garden and an organic vegetable retail market store.

Lance continues to remain active within the Illawarra region. He is continually at the forefront of new initiatives that will support local sellers and growers within the community and in creating new standards for exporting within the overall agricultural industry. Lance remains committed to supporting the local farming community and in ensuring that the Illawarra region continues to thrive.


Il Gruppo Mountain Range è un vivaio di carattere locale che opera nel sud di Wollongong tra le viste panoramiche naturali nel sobborgo di Dapto. Il Gruppo Mountain Range è da tempo riconosciuto a livello mondiale per la sua capacità di fornire una gamma di sementi di piante di grandi dimensioni, tra cui le Kentia Palms e Norfolk Pines. Il Gruppo Mountain Range ha recentemente subito una ristrutturazione che ha incluso l'aggiunta di una serie di nuovi  prodotti e servizi, che saranno disponibili a partire dal 2016, tra cui una fattoria biologica, un vivaio ittico e la vendita di bambù per soluzioni interne ed esterne. 

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